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Socks Proxy Search is a very simple Windows application that does exactly what its name suggests: it lets you search for SOCKS proxies with minimum effort.The one-window program’s GUI is the element that keeps everything impressively easy to use, even for rookies, because it groups all options and tools boasted by the program.Although some people may find the design a bit unprofessional, it still helps the app get the job done, while bringing all utilities closer to users.Socks Proxy Search does nothing more than to search a pre-configured database of websites and forums for SOCKS proxies and checks them automatically, with the results placed right in the main window.What’s more, it removes duplicates, while showing every proxy and the adjacent port for quick access. You have no configuration settings to play with, but instead you can save a generated list of proxies to TXT or CSV and use the exported data in another third-party application.The scanning process is usually very fast and doesn’t slow down the system at all, but an Internet connection is obviously needed.All things considered, it’s pretty clear that Socks Proxy Search can come in handy to many users out there, but it might disappoint those more experienced due to the lack of important features. For example, it doesn’t even allow users to configure the website database to scan for proxies, not to mention that they can’t export or save just a selected amount of proxies.What We Liked:► Its simplicity is what makes Socks Proxy Search stand out► All essential options are conveniently placed► The app’s GUI is comprehensible and easy to use► All scanning is done automatically, saving users timeWhat We Didn’t Like:► Socks Proxy Search lacks functionality that can help users in their work with proxies► No error handling mechanism is availableFinal Verdict:It’s not surprising that we gave Socks Proxy Search five stars overall, but we must admit that there are aspects that are less than impressive. For example, users can’t alter the database settings or just a selected amount of proxies, and they can’t use a proxy to bypass a web filter easily, to name a few.While the program is very simple, it’s still a necessity for people who wish to save a lot of time on the Internet. The negatives are justified, but the many 08929e5ed8

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